Welcome To DLPN Token

DLPN is a decentralized token.

Our mission is to create a decentralized ecosystem equipped with real community-driven projects in the Blockchain industry. Limited in supply, even the manufacturer has no authority to issue coins.

Our First Main Goal is to make x143. Everyone who joins us on this path will enjoy the x143.

We recommend that you read the whitepaper carefully.

How to buy DLPN?



  • 5% Fee auto distribute to all HOLDERS.
  • 4% Fee auto add to the Marketing wallet.
  • 1% Fee auto add to the Burn wallet.
  • 2% Fee auto add to the Liquidity pool

Send the amount of BUSD(BEP20) or BNB(BEP20) you wish to purchase to the address below.

Attention: Only BUSD or BNB(BEP20) sent with BEP20 are accepted! Minimum purchase amount is BUSD 10 or 10$ BNB(BEP20).

Wallet Address: 0xeeD865F66FC3ee23a0227D51033722e903f4e11e

❌Do not send BUSD or BNB(BEP20) from your Exchange Accounts.

✔️ Only use TrustWallet and Similar wallets when sending BUSD or BNB(BEP20)